Monday, September 20, 2010


It's funny how you think you are "safe" from exposing your children to your everyday bad habits. You drop your purse.. "Shit!" You forgot something in the card..."Damn it!" They can't understand all this yet, right? Wrong. I'm pretty sure Sophia has said s-h-i-t already, but I just didn't make anything of it so she would forget about it (it worked!). But let's be honest: they are ALWAYS watching us.
If I continue to be honest here, I am probably on my phone a little more often during the day than I should be. Who else is going to plan our social calendar, organize playdates, etc. Sophia now picks up a calculater (it's flat, and thus, resembles an iPhone), holds it to her ear with her shoulder and walks around the house saying, "He-woah?" Yup, that's what she hears her mama do! So she does it now too! I thought it was pretty cute at first, but really, that's a jab at me saying, "Get off the phone, Mom!"
So to balance the good with the bad, this Sunday, Sophia surprised me yet again! We are regularly attending, Sunday church goers. Another honest note: we miss every so often. Usually when we're out of town (unless in CC, Mom and Dad make that a must!) OR when Don plays golf on a Sunday morning and I am too lazy to take the kids by myself. So this Sunday was a little different. Don did play golf, but I made a conscious effort all day to make sure we had mass scheduled for us at 5pm that evening. It would work out perfectly because Heather started her Sunday Night Live (youth group/CCD) at 6 so we would already be there. We made it (on time too)!! We walked in and before entering the church, I dipped my hand in the Holy Water to make the sign of the cross. Sophia shouts, "wa-wa!" My first reaction was to tell her, "No honey, that's not water to drink." But before I could, she put her hand out to dip it in the bowl. I leaned her over to allow her this pleasure. She brought her hand out of the bowl, and to my surprise, begins to make the sign of the Cross. Okay, so not the whole thing. But she started with her forhead and brought it down to her belly (close enough), shook her hand and then kissed it! I WAS SHOCKED! I kept wondering...How did she know what to do? How did she learn this?
Just like she learned that you say "He-woah?" when you answer a phone, she learned to make the Sign of the Cross when we are at church. Little do we know, they are always watching. So my note to self today is: What Would Sophie Do? If I keep this in mind, it will remind me that I am a role model for this little lady...ALL DAY LONG! This goes for both my girls. I have to remember that in front of Heather as well. Even though she knows right from wrong, etc., the example is always there. This weighs pretty heavy on me this week, as Heather turns 15!!! Thus, the reason we couldn't miss Mass this weekend!! :)

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